Older men dating younger women

Is it possible for an older man with less money to date a beautiful younger woman?

It’s a well-known fact that there are some younger women who line up to date older, rich men. These girls, called sugar babies, might be students looking for help with their tuition, women getting started in their careers, girls pursuing the arts, acting, modelling, writing, or some such profession, or girls looking to get a good time. The men, sugar daddies, will support the girls in a desirable lifestyle which may include lavish vacations, trendy clothes and salon services, upscale restaurants and even beautifully furnished apartments.

Even so, older men dating younger women is not easy. What if an older man with less money wants to bring a younger woman into his life? Is that even possible? What if he doesn’t have a huge bank account to attract her? He may not be considered to be poor – he has a decent house with a good salary, and a comfortable house, and a nice lifestyle that affords him one or more holidays a year. He drives an OK car that doesn’t break down, and wears nice clothes. But he still watches his money, and tries not to eat out every night. He joins a local gym instead of working out in his home gym, and certainly doesn’t own multiple cars or a private jet. What about these men? Do they have a chance with beautiful young women? Or are these women merely looking to be sugar babies to sugar daddies?

The good news is that it is possible. Don’t have prejudice on younger women seeking older men. Some women actually prefer older men, whether or not they have money. They just like the company of an older man because he is worldly, kinder, gentler, and more mature than younger men. They may know the meaning of life, and are interested in things other than going to parties, getting drunk and meeting girls. They want to work hard on their careers, may be interested in marriage and children, and might even want real commitment from her. That, to women, can be a very desirable thing in itself.

So for older, not-so-rich men, the good news is that you do have a chance of meeting a young, beautiful woman. Not every woman is interested in money, and not every woman is out to get as much as she can from a man. Women can be genuine, intellectual, kind, and looking for commitment. And gentlemen, don’t sell yourself short. You may not have as much money as some other men, but you likely have much to give. As long as you are generous with what money you do have, are willing to take her out to dinner and take her on holidays occasionally and aren’t cheap, you can date. You must also be willing to share your life, your interests, your home and your heart with a lady. If you can do all these things, there will likely be a young woman interested in you, and you know that she will be with you for real love.

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  1. Randy

    I’m looking for a young lady for serious commitment, I’m 46 years old and I have no kids of my own.

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