Older men dating younger women

Things You Should Never Say When You Are Dating Divorced Young Women

Dating a divorced young woman can be a bit difficult for men. A new relationship often involves a lot of questions being asked, but these women have gone through a very tough period that often leaves them emotionally exhausted and extra sensitive. Older men dating younger women who are divorced should be really careful when asking questions or saying things if they don’t want to lose their new potential partner.

Weren’t You Too Young to Have Kids

For any woman out there, be it young or not, children are the most important human beings in her life, and if she is divorced, it could be extremely painful for her to discuss such topics. Older men dating younger women should avoid starting this conversation at any cost, but if they do find themselves involved in this topic, they should be really careful. Asking a question such as “weren’t you too young to have kids?” suggests that you think she made a mistake. And let me tell you, this is the last thing you want – indirectly say that her children were a mistake.

Don’t Make the Age Gap Even Bigger

Despite the fact that you are older, and maybe even from a different generation, you should never say things that create distance between you and her. Saying something like “you weren’t even born when…” or “when I was your age…” is absolutely unnecessary and can only make her think that the age gap is insurmountable. Instead, concentrate on things that you have in common.

Young People Are so…

Divorced or not, no woman wants to feel immature or date with a man who acts childish. Older men dating younger women must act like the mature men they are but shouldn’t become reprimanding grandpas. Never say things like “young people are so…”. She might be younger than you, but she is not a teenager.

You Were Still a Toddler When This Happened

Information nowadays is plentiful, and it sure is more accessible than before. If you are in a discussion about an event from the past, never say something like “you were still a toddler when this happened. How could you possibly know”. Not only it won’t help you prove your point, but it is absolutely redundant, and it will make her feel uncomfortable with you.

Don’t Act Like a Mentor

Unless she asks you for advice, don’t tell her how to raise her children or live her life. The fact that you are older and more experienced doesn’t mean you should act like a mentor or a life coach. She is, after all, a grown up person who can take responsibility for her actions.

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